Exporter's zone

One of the most important tasks includes the development of the area and increasing exports from the Silesia Province. Hence, there is a place for those companies and businesses that want to begin or increase the exporting of their goods and services to markets all around the world.

The SIAEC is a member of the Polish network of Investor and Exporter Assistance Centers. The project is supervised by the Ministry of Economy, which guarantees support for Polish manufacturers that want to launch or develop export activity. Subject matter support is provided by the Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of the Polish Embassies and Consulates in 48 places worldwide.

The Silesian Investor and Exporter Assistance Center organizes forums, conferences, seminars and economic congresses and promotes the region in foreign publications and during international trade fairs as well.

Basic activities of export-oriented services

  • Identifying the markets for the given product and investments outside of Polish borders;
  • Searching available databases for information on potential business partners in the export / sale of products or services and investment in selected foreign markets;
  • Sharing information about industries and foreign markets that contain the statistical data and marketing for countries, markets, industries and companies;
  • Organizing informational meetings and conferences for industry leaders and exporters concerning the terms of exports to foreign markets, as well as legal issues, taxation, certification, labor law, etc.;
  • Allowing for the exposition of promotional materials of Polish companies at selected international fairs and exhibitions in collaboration with the Departments of Trade and Investment Promotion of Polish embassies operating in over 40 countries around the world.
  • Rendering information about the available active export support instruments in the financial, service and institutional areas;
  • Sharing contacts with foreign companies, distributing offer inquiries of companies that are interested in importing Polish goods, initiating cooperation between Polish companies operating on the foreign markets, etc.